"The World Around Us" brought to life!



Join Enspire’s bird experts to learn all about your school's amazing wild birds.
This fun packed programme takes the whole class on a journey to experience the beauty of bird song and gives hints on how to identify some of our local species. Children carry out bird art activities, play bird games and make bird cakes.

Northern Ireland Curriculum - The World Around UsThe World Around Us Curriculum - Geography The World Around Us Curriculum - Science

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  • Pupil Level:

    This programme is aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 levels and contains appropriate and engaging topics and activities aimed at these levels.

  • Northern Ireland Curriculum Areas:

    The World Around UsNorthern Ireland Curriculum - The World Around Us
    Connected Learning: Northern Ireland Curriculum - Maths and Numeracy Northern Ireland Curriculum - Language and Literacy Northern Ireland Curriculum - Art Northern Ireland Curriculum - Physical Education Curriculum - Personal Development - Mutual Understanding

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    This is a two-hour workshop that will take place in the familiar surroundings of your pupil's own classroom (or other agreed venue.) Download more info in word format or pdf format. (Coming soon, sorry!)

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