Enspire Videos!

Dinosaur Hunters!

Harry, Ben and a T-Rex do battle. Who will Win?

Mini Beasts!

You can find mini-beasts anywhere if you keep your eyes open!

Moon landing faked?

We found this hidden footage in an old vault. Does is cast doubt on the space race?

Vicious Vikings Invade!

The visiting Vikings invade at Enspire's Vicious Vikings? day at Slieve Gullion!

Harry Hunts!

Harry hunts a fly! (1920s Version!)

Black Guillemots!

Ignoring the cars passing by (and the amazing scenery!) these birds get on with their daily life!

Dung Beetle at Slieve Gullion

Mini-beast magic! We found this amazing dung beetle on the slopes of Slieve Gullion. Isn't he cool?

St. Moninna's

An old church on the slopes of Slieve Gullion. Full of history, mystery and atmosphere.

Castle Caldwell!

Enspire explores the ruins of Castle Caldwell on the slopes of Lough Erne

Victorian Steam Train!

Join ENspire on a Victorian era steam train!

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