Enspire Online Privacy Policy

Sorry! No cookies... Anyway, they're bad for you ;-)

We hope you have a fun and educational time with Enspire! We are aware of the importance of your privacy and our policy is as below. Please note the following:

  • This website does not use cookies.
  • We may in the future track your browsing on this site to allow us to improve the site but this will be anonymous and won't use cookies (probably Google analytics).
  • If you have contacted Enspire, booked with us or attended one of our events we may occasionally send you an email or text to keep you informed about our programmes and events. If you'd rather we didn't do this, then let us know.
  • As Enspire runs events on behalf of other organisations they may, in order to run the event correctly, share contact details as is necessary. Enspire does not share our customers' details with anyone.
  • Any data we have on spreadsheets or databases to help us with planning events are held offline
  • You are entitled to see any info Enspire holds about you but we are entitled to charge a small administration fee for this.
  • Enspire are not responsible for external sites, such as PayPal, Twitter, Google and Facebook.
  • For more information on your online privacy go to the Wikipedia page about online privacy. Being better informed means that you will be better able to make online privacy choices appropriate to you.

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